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If you've been feeling tired, anxious, or overwhelmed, let's talk about how you can create the change you've been looking for. 

Transform your life by learning how to harness the creative power of your mind 

Sound like magic? No wands required.
You bring your goals, and I'll provide the tools to get you there. 

Shift behaviors

  • Experience healthy, permanent weight loss
  • Quit smoking
  • Eliminate bad habits and destructive behaviors that have been holding you back
  • Gain practical, immediate tools  to help you refine and reach your goals
  • Navigate career transition to step into the future you desire

Feel better

  • Quiet chronic anxious thoughts
  • Learn to control  your mind and body so you can deal with emotions in a healthy way
  • Get the most out of your sleep
  • Increase your energy and motivation
  • Find relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, migraines, and other health issues
  • Surgery prep and recovery

Perform Your Best

  • Overcome performance and testing anxiety
  • Conquer consistent roadblocks
  • Increase your athletic performance to rise above old physical and technical limitations
  • Increase your stamina, energy, & focus
  • Eliminate your negative inner voice
  • Facilitate speedy injury recovery     

"This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in regards to making desired life style changes."

- C, Hypnosis Client, Austin, Texas

Devon Adams, Clinical Hypnotist in Austin

DEVON ADAMS, Clinical Hypnotist in Austin

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Integrative Life Coach based in Austin, Texas, specializing in anxiety, body perception, weight release, peak performance, pain, and sleep.  In 2015, I co-created Dance Without Limits, a trademarked program of clinical hypnosis tools for dancers and performers. I grew up as a young ballet dancer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and received my BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University before launching into a professional dance and choreography career.  

Like many dancers and performers, I struggled for years with my body. I constantly fought to achieve the body I felt I needed, while feeling overwhelmed by bouts of binge-eating and self-loathing. I finally sought hypnosis as a last resort, after years of traditional therapy, dieting, and a total discomfort with my body.

Hypnosis helped me get rid of the extra weight I was carrying, but I was more compelled by what it added to my life—a sense of freedom, comfort with myself, and carefree joy around food that I hadn’t experienced since I was a small child. I experienced a newfound enjoyment in dancing as I began to release deep negative perceptions about my ever-imperfect body. This freedom and joy is the focus of my hypnosis practice, helping clients to unlock the depth of their potential and step forward into a better future than they could have imagined.

I focus my hypnosis practice on helping clients do the same, working with them as they unlock the depth of their potential and step forward into their brightest, most present and genuine selves.

Hypnosis for Change

What is Hypnosis?

Accessing the Powerful Tools in your Unconscious Mind

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state of focused attention which produces heightened openness and awareness. This state allows the mind to gently access creative internal resources not always available to our conscious minds. In clinical hypnosis, we can then apply these resources to the goals for change we wish to accomplish. By allowing our conscious awareness to align with our powerful unconscious minds, we generate lasting change. Whether our goal is to replace old patterns with positive new behaviors, reduce pain, achieve a healthy weight, or conquer limiting beliefs, hypnosis helps our minds learn to work for us in new ways. 


What SHOULD I Expect?

An Integrative Approach to Coaching and Goal-Oriented Hypnosis

Each session is different, varying according to the needs of the individual client. I integrate brief, powerful hypnosis exercises with periods of guided goal-setting and deeper trance states to create an empowering program of change. Throughout, I will teach you to use simple, effective self-hypnosis tools which allow you to reinforce and build upon our sessions as you begin to achieve your goals. Clinical Hypnosis is not like traditional therapy. While there is no formula for how many sessions you will need, most clients see me for fewer than eight sessions, and many for only one or two. My goal is to help you reach your goals, get you out of my office and fully, deeply, richly into your life! 

  • Can I be hypnotized?

My favorite clients are the ones who come to my office skeptical: "I don't think I can be hypnotized." If this is you, don't worry--you're probably a really good candidate. Hypnosis is far from mysterious. It's a natural, everyday state of trance that we go in and out of all the time. If you have the ability to follow simple verbal instructions, can concentrate well enough to watch a short video, and are imaginative in a way that allows you to get caught up in a good story or imagine the way you'd like to feel in the future, yes, you can be hypnotized, though you must choose to do so.

  • What is self hypnosis?

In reality, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, even when assisted by a skilled hypnosis practitioner. Hypnosis is a process which requires your participation throughout. Applied self-hypnosis is a learned skill, and we will work together to help you learn to use this skill in your daily life.

  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. Any trance or hypnotic session can come to a close whenever you choose. Because hypnosis is a participatory process, it is your choice to enter hypnosis and you can always choose to leave it. If you were left in a hypnotic state by your hypnotist, you would either return to full consciousness on your own or drift into a natural state of sleep and awaken after a short pleasant nap.

  • will I be in control and aware of what is happening?

Yes. You are not unconscious, but rather in a heightened state of awareness with a specific focus of attention.  You are in calm, relaxed control, aware of everything that is being said, and nothing happens in the session without your ongoing consent. 

  • What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis can feel different for everyone. Some people feel very relaxed, while others feel simply calm and alert. Some people report feelings of weightlessness, tingling, or other physical sensations, but these sensations are temporary and will fade at the end of the session. 

  • Is it magic? 

Many people imagine hypnosis is a passive process or something magical, but it’s actually a unique, flexible collaboration. Hypnosis will look and feel a bit different for each person because every client brings their own history and way of thinking, and their own measurement for success. Also, each hypnotist is unique. My practice is grounded and goal-oriented. If you’re willing to take action steps and have a readiness for change, you're likely to experience wonderful benefits from hypnosis.

  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE I START TO experience change?

Many clients walk out of our first session feeling radically different. Hypnosis isn't like traditional therapy—you don't need to commit months or years before you see a change. We will work together to clarify your goals and yardstick for success. Your results will reflect your intentions, your willingness to practice, and your genuine desire to change. Every client has a different path to change, so we will spend a bit of time developing a plan that will be right for you. Some issues only require one or two sessions, and others are best addressed over six or eight. Generally, we'll work together for a few sessions, and then you'll have the tools to make the change permanent in your life.  

  • do you take insurance? 

Unfortunately, hypnosis is almost never covered by insurance in the state of Texas, so I'm not set up to take insurance at this time. 

  • what is the investment? 

Initial Intake Session: $195 (this is usually 90 minutes to two hours)

Subsequent Sessions: $175 each (typically, these run 60-90 minutes) 

I approached Devon because of personal and social anxiety. Devon was incredibly patient with me during our entire session. I asked as many questions as she did! She even had a great way of visualizing how hypnosis works. The overwhelming feeling of confidence began immediately after our session. The next day was like a POWER POSE all damn day. I felt more comfortable in my skin. Devon taught me tools to relax and re-center my mind. I also learned ways to instantly inspire joy and counter unwanted negative feelings. Still to this day I use all these tools to focus and rewire my thoughts. Those and a powerful meditative breathing exercise. I highly recommend this practice and have already suggested it to all of my friends!
— E., female client
I went to Devon to help me in my struggle to lose weight...I went much deeper than the surface manifestations of overeating that showed in my appearance. Devon helped me tap into the sources of many other behaviors and opened new ways for me to nurture, love, and take care of myself...I highly recommend Devon to anyone seeking more joy, happiness, health, and abundance in their lives.
— E., male client
My daughters are avid dancers who are continually trying to improve their technique. I made an appointment for a hypnosis and private dance session with Devon so my daughter could discuss her thoughts. She was able to relax and open up to Devon about her worries in complete privacy and confidentiality. She left feeling more centered and at peace than ever. And she made the drill team! We will be going back to Devon. Her assistance with maintaining a healthy perspective and outlook on life is valued.
— H., mother of teen client

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